The Hegelian Dialectic

by George Orwell The Musical

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George Orwell the Musical can be summed up in TWO easy words: “Tight Butthole”. This saying encompasses every aspect of what the Technical/ Progressive Metal outfit out of Lowell, MA strives to achieve. They aim for perfection in live performance and conceptual intricacy (lyrically, musically, and schematically), while remaining stylistically true to their message and creating tight-knit bonds to their loyal,ever-growing following.

“George Orwell the Musicalrepresents an idea, just as much as it identifies as a chaotically concise and controlled musical experience,” says bassist Michael McClelland. Since forming in2006 with guitarist Keith Ouellette, GOTM has released 2 LPs (2007, 2013). The most recent is astutely named, “The Hegelian Dialectic”. In Part One of this concept trilogy, lyricist/vocalist Jay Henehan describes a dystopian civilization where slavery isn’t as simple as being chained with iron shackles. “Basically, we want to enlighten people with the true nature of slavery, in all of its complicated forms, how it has infiltrated to our everyday lives, and how we can pursue true freedom”. With drummer Anthony Funaro joining the ensemble in early 2013, GOTM has been able to showcase this message with pinpoint accuracy, as the missive deserves.

Inspired by groups including, The Red Chord, Between the Buried and Me, Daughters, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Meshuggah, Into the Moat, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, George Orwell the Musical boasts a sound that ranges from melodically pleasant to erratically jarring. Their most recent LP is a complex cacophony- an arrangement of thoughts and sounds spiderwebbed in presentation- beautiful and expertly made on the outside and lethal to the political paradigms it seeks to contest.

George Orwell the Musical looks to the future with a plethora of hard-hitting shows, music videos, albums, and DVDs, as well as online lessons and tutorials. All are expected to be, as GOTM puts it, “Tight Butthole”.


released July 4, 2013

All music and lyrics written by: George Orwell The Musical
Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Anthony Lusk-Simone
Bandcamp Art by: Brenton Mann



all rights reserved


George Orwell The Musical Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I Saw Her Sometime in the Future...
In the beginning there was the singularity. He gave man free will and in the ensuing chaos, the Fallen One composed Her masterpiece. The violins cry, the harmonies shriek. Chorus voices rise, She rises from beneath. Personified, She eludes my grasp. Smelling sweeter than the dragons we chase. Western Civilization crumbles as we dance.
Track Name: Singing to Sirens
I’m falling into the abyss. Never have I felt this hopeless. I’m falling into the sea. Your body floats away from me. I pray to the mistress of the Black Sea. I float without a hope, Great Whites chasing me. She’ll never forgive me. She is swimming beneath me. The sea is swimming beneath me. When I reach the surface she stares into my fading eyes. I realize her every flaw. I suddenly realize her flaws, the lies, the destruction, the fraud, the deception, the bombs, the drones, the cops and the clones, that stench of excess on her breath- While her clever rhetoric quells the heretic. I never thought I’d fail, sign my name in blood, and beg for my life. The sea becomes my home. We pray to the coast. In a sea full of gold, to the bottom you must go. Down to the bottom you must go.
Track Name: Den of Thieves
She followed me home to my third story apartment. I lashed out over and over, so devout- so divine, Capital Capitol. Green fills my dreams, for I no longer see. Paper buys rock in this paradigm. She was dazzled by the diamonds, a gift for her obedience. We traded our soul. We sold our soul for security.
Track Name: The Personality Must Die
The inevitability of a crash is evident, brace for the worst, panic. She stands naked in a field with nothing but her pride to show, she embraces the next step. She is promised Utopia from her God. She seeks answers from dancers who drink from a cup of her blood. THE PERSONALITY MUST DIE. Infiltrate the establishment, infiltrate the hierarchy, infiltrate the underground. The State has proven that there is no God. The State has proven that the State is God…In the Vacuum, fill the void…The State has proven that there is no God. The State has proven that the State is God. Sing a little tune! Wave the flag, light the fireworks and dance around on the fourth of July. Get em’ while there young! Force feed them sugar, rot their brains, and put fluoride in the drinking water. That’ll teach em’. Lead them into war! Expand, expand, and conquer foreign lands for it is our destiny brothers. Kill all the sheep! They’ve all outlived their purpose and Darwin said only the strong survive. Am I Right? Only the strongest survive. The Personality must die! Suppress the ego! Die…
Track Name: Death of Belief
Foreshadow this event. I killed my love. What lead to this you say? - Carelessness. I slit her fucking throat. I lost my senses. She did not know where she was. There was the sound of footsteps. I could snap your neck just like that. How long before they shoot me? Don’t give up, it’ll be a while. Telling the tale is the best part.
Track Name: Heavy Lies the Crown
Bliss only lasts so long. The treasury has never been fuller. Things have never been better. LIE! Like a queen, lies drip off her every word. Dressed in silk as her people starve, raising obelisks in an attempt to reach the stars. Mirror, mirror, on the wall: who is destined to rule them all? Well, your highness, consult my crystal ball. With a smirk he whispered, “beware the fall”. Dissidents hide in the shadows, raising ghosts sacrificed to the gallows. Your future is dim. In the shadows, hide the spies. From the gallows, I hear their cries. Lie your crown on the floor, announce your surrender. Sharpen the blade, whispered in the hall. The world remains prisoner of war.
Track Name: A Thousand Points of Light
In the dead of night, alter sacrifice. Grovel at his feet, Death collects a fee. Giving sight to blind- A Thousand Points of Light. Nothing comes for free, She collects a fee. And when your usefulness has come to an end, you will be slaughtered. Submit to the collective. Submit to the oppressive. Hand in hand, round we go. Pagan deities will show geometric shapes to know ancient mysteries. Hidden history, we teach. To the eye in the sky, we reach. In disguise, I will preach. Round we go.
Track Name: Cruci~Fiction
She must pay for what she’s done. She must be hung for what she’s done. The proles have had enough. Ten thousand are dead, left to rot. Chasing phantoms they never saw. Smile for the camera, we want the world to see. Do your worst, I’ll return. I’m but one head of the Hydra! I’ll return in torn soul. I am filthy regret, remember me.
Track Name: Rebirth
Witness the Rise. Witness the Fall. The kingdom’s in ruins. The emperor wears no clothes. Witness the fall of the greatest of empires. Revel in the Fall. Witness the fall of Rome. The Princess of Darkness spreads her wings and blocks the sun. The rivers run red and fire rains from the sky. In the land of seven sins, Babylon’s engulfed in flames. The sinners burn in the hell that they’ve made. The sinners, they burn, and from the ashes a phoenix emerges. Chaos ensues, Loki consumes. Chaos ensues, demons consume. Remember the Thirteenth of March, she descended. “Awaken, my children. The moment has come for you to do my bidding. Awaken from your slumber. Crush any sign of rebellion, let my will be known. Make an example of those questioning the status quo. I’ll brainwash the children to love their servitude. Now they’re in the matrix, they’ll never know the truth”.
Track Name: For Redemtion Only
The masses revolt, tear down the steeple. Now, She stares in the eyes of Her people. The demons She set free are on a killing spree. The barbarians return from abroad. Turns out they were in on it all along, to destabilize imperial interests. Guess what!? You live in a lie, broadcast nationwide. Teleprompter scripted lies. You live in a lie, broadcast nationwide. Teleprompter lives! They’ve gathered their forces, while the rains flood the ninth ward. We awake, and see the world for what it really is. We’ve come to take what’s ours, by any means! I’ve seen the beast and the kings of earth. With them are dogs and sorcerers, murderers and whores, idlers, and those who love and practice lies. And in the final hour, Death composed Her masterpiece, culminating in glorious defeat!