TRUEDEMO (rerelease)

by George Orwell The Musical

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GOTM's first release in 2006 now rereleased and available for purchase.


released June 6, 2006



all rights reserved


George Orwell The Musical Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Lettuce! Crusade?
This image is hidden in itself, that's just me in the condensation there is no panic here- that's just a cry for attention, I'd rather not be seen. Wouldn't You agree? I'd rather not be seen, if no one could see me my problems would go as i go. Together we'll move swiftly. What's one less worry? woohoo! oohh whooo! Consider it a favor, removing myself from the situation. OH NO. What's one less worry?
Track Name: Sudden Change of Face
Blind my fate, he watches me fail. Find my love, find my roses. She is the only way. Find my love, find my roses, Blind my fate.
Track Name: Mourning Would
He followed me home to my third story apartment. He lashed out over and over. i lashed out. Night fills my dreams, for I no longer see. Night is all I see. Night is where I stay.
Track Name: Limes in the Buho
Bliss only last so long. Like a Queen, bitterness follows every word sarcastic sentence. Every word. Lying with you I realize I wish you dead. Lie your crown on the floor, announce your surrender. I fell away to where i was before.
Track Name: 1.21 Jiggawatts/ I'm the Guy Who Sucks, Plus I Got Depression. Fuck Earth, I'm Moving to Canada.
Foreshadow this event, I found myself. What lead to this you say? Carelessness. I left my lover by the car, i lost my senses. She did not know where she was. There was the sound of footsteps. i could snap your neck like a carrot. How long before the shoot me? Don't give up, it'll be a while
Track Name: I'll Be Your Sweet Potato in the Microwave
Far from home, I'm far from love. I realize I've made my mistakes. So now crucify, me I'll return in torn soul. I am filthy regret, remember me.
Track Name: No One Ever Gets Killed Where I Live
The light in you dims ever so slowly. I can see in your eyes now what you wanted to tell me. I hope you're satis-fucking-fied. In Time you'll find out where I'm taking you.
Track Name: The Great People of the 20th Century (Michael J. Fox)
And so to the funeral, I'm sorry i forgot what happened. i will dream it again. His head split like a grapefruit. I waited for what seemed like hours, protecting my head. I washed my shirt. i went on polishing my glasses, smiling. i just rolled him into the woods.